Cheating is a good compromise!


Hi everyone!

When it comes to cravings, putting yourself on a diet is a bit like trying to tame a toddler.  Except that you are the toddler!  You are endlessly trying to reason with what your body needs and what it wants.

Toddler you:  “I wan’t a doughnut!!!”

Mature adult you that really, really wants to wear a size 10 again, or at least a 12:   “No you don’t need a doughnut, you just had your lunch!!”

Toddler you:   “Yes I do!!! I’m still hungry!!”

Mature adult you has a good idea, distract Toddler you and she might forget:  “Why don’t we go for a walk?”

“No, I wan’t a doughnut!!!  NOW!!!!”

“But you can’t, you are on a diet remember?  Besides it’s not even time to eat yet.  Busy yourself.”


“Call someone.”


“OK, eat a piece of fruit.”


You can feel yourself falling into the bottomless pit of cravings.  The toddler is winning.  You have started bargaining with yourself; maybe you could do more exercise to get the doughnut or maybe your could cut out half of your next meal? ….  Your slipping  ….  Your falling …. Your driving to get a doughnut!

Diets are tough, we need to realise that we are not only losing weight, we are reprogramming our eating habits and our lives.  Our inner toddler has a point, she hasn’t had a doughnut for a while and your body is not happy!  But the focus of The Friendly Diet is to eat well and if you need to, its ok to include some cheats so your inner toddler feels she is being listened to too.  For instance, I have found that if I have a container of chocolate treats that are already portioned out to go to, ie so a block of chocolate is broken up into 2 pieces lots then I have a little chocolate often, so a couple of pieces a day or a splurge might be 4 pieces and then factor the chocolate into the days eating, so you make room for small cheats and I have found that life or at least your diet will be easier.  I think that after 1 week a diet gets tough but I am telling myself to hang in there and don’t sweat the mistakes.. as the slogan goes, carry on!   T xx


Real Life

Life is fast and crazy and unpredictable – but of course you all know that.  Then you might agree that today’s girl or guy is up against it clawing our way out of situations like obesity or bad health.  These are things that take a lot of time and commitment, not to mention education, will power and quite frankly head space.  I wonder if you could liken an obese person losing weight to a long-term smoker quitting smoking?  This I can sort of relate to on my journey.  The recommended guide for successfully quitting smoking are things like coaching, planning and finding a replacement, for smokers it may include medication or patches.  I suppose in the case of smoking there are two parts to the habit, first there’s the hit which comforts the craving and then there’s physical repetition (holding the cigarette, catching up with other workers for a smoko) which comforts the emotions and both together calm and nurture the smoker in an unhealthy way – any of this sounding familiar to you all?

Maybe you don’t see yourself as an addicted eater, as I suppose to be honest I didn’t either but this must be an addiction, as with any other addicted person we find comfort feeding ourselves with favourite foods, so maybe if we look at it like an addiction it may help us realise that with effort we can lose the weight.

I think that there are signs in the medical industry that obesity is starting to be looked at as an addiction like smoking or gambling or the like but certainly the support and help is not there for eaters to “quit” or reform.  The only real recommendation that doctors offer us is to be placed on a recommended diet provided by the Doctor which is nowhere near the portions we are used to and then they continue to monitor our efforts. This is grossly inadequate when you look at the profound impact that this situation is having on individuals, families and communities as obesity and the repercussions of it is the number 1 first world killer.  But what if we applied the techniques for quitting smoking to quitting overeating?  It will be hard but surely any of us could do it.

I think the first thing that I and my fellow overeater’s need is support.  I am not sure how at this moment but I would like to turn this blog into a type of club and use it as a means to communicate and support each other on our own journey’s to become the people we want to be.  I think an important part of our success will be to find substitutes for eating and also substitute ways to consume our food, we should talk about that more …. (me thinking, have a few ideas and will get back to you). We need to have education which is what I feel I can contribute to the community.  As I am a trained fitness instructor and in my role as a weight loss consultant I am armed with the knowledge to achieve my goals and I would like to pass this knowledge onto you so we can become our better perfect selves.  So now I have a plan and this time I think I can do it!! xx

Early Days

Friday 17/10/14

Cals      Fat


92         (2.6)                L/F milk, 1 cup

100                               Banana, ½ lg

120       (4.7)                1 toast w. 5g butter & vegemite

Lunch 1.

120        (4.7)               1 bread w. 5g butter

140        (10.3)             2 hard boiled eggs

Lunch 2.

187        (1.3)               1 lite wrap w. spinach

104        (8.5)               cheese 30g

10           (1)                  avacado dip,5g

29           (3.2)               mayonnaise,5g


54           (.2)                 cuppa soup


376          (2)                  risotto rice, 2 cups

60            (4)                  50g ham

62            (6.5)               cream, dash

50            (4.1)               cheese, 15g


151          (3.4)               11/2 tpast w. 5g L/F butter


1655        (56.55)           Total

2200        (50)                – Minus Goal


545          Fatloss  –  Not perfect but good job!!

How to start?

Hi there!

So feeling a bit overwhelmed, so much to say and do but still learning the ropes.  If you visit me plz be patient with me, it will all make sense soon.  I have had a good day and still feeling very positive.  I walked 3k’s on my treadmill (need a name for it coz I have a feeling it will get a lot of mentions), and feeling a bit tired.

So here is what a day looks like, I haven’t decided how to display my food diary yet but this is a look at yesterday:


9.2     (2.6)       1 Cup Milk L/F

100                   1/2 Banana

120     (4.7)       1 Toast w. 5g Butter & Vegemite

340     (7.3)       Tots   (My aim is 300cal for breakie so not too bad.)

Early Lunch:

120     (4.7)       1 Sl Rye Bread w. 5g Butter

140     (10.3)     2 Hard Boiled Eggs

260     (15)        Tots

(So today I was hungry, so instead of snack I had an early lunch @ 11am and skipped my next snack and had a late lunch.  So you can see what I mean by flexible!)

Late Lunch:

187     (1.3)         1 Lite Wrap with spinach and salad stuff                                  –

104     (8.5)         Cheese 30g

10      (1)             5g Avacado Dip

29     (3.2)           5g Mayo

330    (14)           Tots


54     (.2)              Cuppa Soup                                              


376   (2)                Risotto 2 cooked cups (added mushrooms, pumpkin, zucs & red pepper)

56    (1.2)             60g Ham

62    (6.5)              Cream (dash)

50    (4.1)              Cheese 30g

544   (13.8)           Tots          

1528  (50.3)          Tally – Tot Cals and Fat for the day

So I consider this making my goal, yay!! Even though it was a little over, that’s ok.

Now it gets cool!

My BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is 2200 cals a day, so I now detract what I have consumed for the day to see how much my body will burn up and off me.  My you the BMR is an approximated figure and it was a bit higher but for the sake of ease I round it down to 2200.

So the final tally looks like this:

2200   BMR

1528    Cals consumed

672      Total Cals Burned Off.    Now thats a win!!!

Please feel free to comment of if you need help working anything out it would thrill me to talk to you.

Thanks for listening.


Welcome to my blog!


Hi to you all

I’m Tammy Samuel and I am an overweight, unfit and obese mum who looks after 3 amazing kids.  Not really selling myself am I, well there is a reason why I am being so frank.  You see I am a trained Fitness Instructor, I have worked in and managed weight loss centres and I have worked in the food industry more recently and I know what needs to be done and how to lose my weight and I have put it off long enough!!

Did I say Fitness Instructor?  Yes.. oh the shame!!  But don’t think that I am going to go all commando, doing 3 hour workouts and asking anyone else to do that either and I am certainly not going to throw out all the goodies in the house and live on Kale and sprouts.  I have tried, though very briefly fad diets, replacement diets and killed off carbs like the best of them but I don’t think that these are sustainable eating habits and nor are will they teach you the right way to and so would I go on them one week and off the next and frankly I cannot be bothered with them any more.  No body mentions this but dieting hurts. Like really!  And my other personality takes over my plump body, we can call her grumpy pants and she’s not nice.  So I have decided, I am going on my own diet and I am calling it the Friendly Diet.  And the friendly diet couldn’t be friendlier!!  And I hope that I am going to have lots of friends join me to lose their weight and begin good (but not too good!) eating habits and you can spread the word, you can lose weight and sneak a chocolate biscuit or bowl of coco pops and still lose weight (still not selling myself me thinks!). I know this because I had them on day 2 of my diet, just saying…

Here’s how it works.  I am going to keep a food diary (you will keep one too) and document everything I eat and the beauty is you will see it too.  The good and the bad is going to be listed and it’s calorie content and the fat grams.  So the daily calories and fat will be calculated and taken off my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate, you can calculate yours too, go to: ) and also my exercise will be factored in and what I am left with will be either the calories that will be burned off my body  in the form of body fat if it is less than my BMR or if I am over then the calories will be piled on.  Its that simple, this is actually how we gain and lose weight and I am going to show you how to map your own diets and each day it can be different so there are no eating plans at all on the Friendly Diet .  You will see if you are in fact losing weight each day and how much.  Sounds great doesn’t, that’s why this diet is so different, its easy to keep motivated if we can see on paper we are losing weight even before we can see it on the scales.  Oh the scales, she’s a nasty b&%#@!

Oh and I forgot to say, we have a daily goal to achieve.  All of us, the same goal.  1500 calories a day and 50 grams of fat.  I know that sounds like it is a tiny amount to eat but you will be surprised, though I would have to say I haven’t done it yet but I’m getting closer each day.  In my opinion there is no such thing as fail, because at the end of the day these figures are only just goals, we wont whip ourselves if we don’t achieve them, we will celebrate what we do achieve because we will still lose weight if you are eating under your BMR, and as long as we are moving forward we will get there! Love it!!

I will get my food diary up soon and I am also documenting a quick reference page that you can use with all of my faves which I have pre-calculated the calories and fat for, so that means we don’t have to keep working out the calorie and fat content of our favourite foods.  So stick with me and maybetake some photos now and you can send them to me if you like and I will put on a wall and we can lose weight and look great together.  Love Tammy.